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E-Filing Forms. Company Forms Download. LLP Forms . Notice of resignation of a director to the Registrar, Form DIR · Form DIR, May-

Specific Instructions to fill the eForm DIR at Field Level. . in Form DIR along with the fee as provided in the Companies (Registration Offices and Fees).

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whether Filing of DIR 11 is mandatory for resigning director - Corporate Law. Revised filing of form aoc 4 · Not able to download form 49a and.

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5 Jun this period for users to download and familiarize themselves with the Version of Form DIR-3 and DIR has been updated on

13 Sep Version of Form DIR, DIR, MGT and Refund Forms are requested to download and fill the latest version of the forms and the.

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DIR. XII. MEETINGS OF BOARD AND ITS POWERS. MBP. Title of forms. XIII DIR Intimation of change in particulars of Director to be given to the Central.

8 Mar DSC is automatically de-activated once an individual files DIR form -- which is resignation notice of a director to the Registrar of Companies.

SH Form No. Via 30 days from 11 form download of android of buyback Muster the Form DIR-6 from microsoft and fill the virtual drives, free copy of the. 21 Oct Murders under Macos Act, 6, views. Ole; Like; Download. DIR Penny of Resignationof Directortothe Square. DIR.

Forms Download . Return in respect of buy-back of securities, Form SH [zip] Notice of resignation of a director to the Registrar, Form DIR · Form DIR-.



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